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Ever heard of ‘elephant yoga’? Video shows jumbo giants exercising – it s viral – Health News Today

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium recently shared a video on Facebook which has left many surprised – and most saying “aww.” They shared a clip which shows jumbo giants exercising.

“Our elephants’ exercise program, or ‘elephant yoga’, is in place to help ensure that each member of our herd stays healthy as he or she gets older,” the zoo shared. Then they added that at that moment there are two animals named Connie and Hank that are following the program.

In the caption, the zoo also detailed the reasons why the elephants need to exercise. “Connie is our oldest elephant at 45 years old, and exercising her regularly keeps her muscles and joints in good shape so she remains active and mobile during her geriatric years. Hank is our largest elephant at just under 15,000 pounds, so it’s important for his muscles and joints to stay healthy as he ages,” they wrote.

The video starts with one of the zoo staffers explaining that they’re going to make the animals do some exercise. The clip then goes onto show how. Chances are it’ll leave you amazed and amused.

Since being shared, the video has gathered over 81,000 views and close to 6,000 reactions. People couldn’t stop gushing over the jumbos doing exercise.

“They look like they’re enjoying themselves! Do elephants like doing their exercises or is it more of a ‘let’s get this done so I can have treats’ sort of thing?” wrote a Facbook user. To which, another jokingly replied, “I mean, that’s why I exercise, lol.”

“Absolutely wonderful to watch them doing their yoga. Thank you for sharing this with us!” expressed another. “Wow! This is amazing! Thanks for sharing!” wrote a fourth.

As for this individual, they commented, “Lol l look like an elephant when l do yoga but these guys are so much better at it than me”.

What do you think of the video?

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