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Finding her Way from Medicine to International Business

Rachel Hoffer never anticipated that she would end up studying business. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology with a minor in Spanish at CU Denver. She went on to study to be a nurse practitioner, and she always thought healthcare and medicine were her calling. However, she found herself considering making a change. “I always said I got into nursing because I wanted to help people. That is still very much true. However, I realized as I continued with my education that while I find it fulfilling to help people on an individual level as a nurse, I want to have a broader impact.” Rachel believes that business provides the perfect opportunity for her to have an impact on the world.

When Rachel realized that she wanted to make a career change, she wanted to stick with her alma mater, CU Denver, by finding a program in the system that fit her desires. She found the CU Denver Business School and decided to try out a couple of classes. She took a class on International Entrepreneurship with Manuel Serapio, Ph.D, International Business Professor. She had several conversations with him, and he helped convince her to pursue a career in business. “When I found out more about the International Business program, I thought it was a perfect fit. In the Fall of 2019, I made the leap from nurse practitioner school to business school to pursue a new career path that would allow me to address many of the issues that I had noticed in healthcare while working as a nurse.”

Growing up, Rachel traveled a lot. This opportunity instilled in her a passion for traveling, culture, and diverse experiences. Her love of these things is yet another reason why she chose International Business. Now, she’s ready to build a career around this passion.

Being a Student During COVID-19 and Aiding in the Fight

During this unprecedented global pandemic, Rachel has been very busy. As an ICU nurse, she has been volunteering her time to fight coronavirus. “I worked in hospitals for years before the COVID-19 pandemic started, and I’d always been intrigued by working in the ICU. Since the crisis started, I’ve returned to healthcare to do my part.”

In addition to treating ICU patients, Rachel has continued her international business education, and she’s also started working in the finance industry. She goes back and forth between helping to fight the virus and her finance job. With all that going on, Rachel’s professors at the Business School have been able to work with her to accommodate her shifting schedule and occasional absences. In addition, her classmates have been incredibly helpful with aiding in her success.

Fighting coronavirus has not been an easy experience for Rachel. “The most difficult part of helping with the fight against COVID-19 is watching how healthcare workers’ safety is taken for granted. There have already been over 700 of us who have died…

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