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This is what 58 looks like: Model and mother-of-three says an anti-inflammatory diet and her Instagram account keep her youthful

  • Debi Ireland, 58, is a model and lives in Lancashire with her fiance David
  • She says that her love for taking photographs on long walks keeps her youthful 
  • Do you look good for your age? Reveal your secrets to [email protected] 

Debi Ireland is a model and lives in Lancashire with her fiance David. She has two sons, aged 38 and 20, and a daughter, 35.


My passion is landscape and wildlife photography, which I do in the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales. I’ve had my work published in local magazines and hope to have an exhibition one day. But it’s also my favourite form of stress relief. I go walking with my camera for up to ten miles, three times a week. It’s brilliant cardio.


I’ve cut out any foods that cause inflammation, such as dairy, alcohol and sugar. This has reduced the pain from the arthritis in my knees — and I’ve lost 5lb. I eat bacon with an egg in the morning, then crisp bread, salad and fruit for lunch, and fish or chicken with veg for dinner. Balance is vital, so I treat myself now and then.

Debi Ireland, 58, says an anti-inflammatory diet and her Instagram account keep her youthful


I had Botox once, but I prefer to age gracefully. I wash my face with cold water and have a simple regime. I’ve been using L’Oreal Paris Revitalift SPF Anti-Ageing + Firming Pro Retinol Day Cream (£8.66, for years, as it is non-greasy and smooths fine lines. It also has high sun protection, which is paramount. As I’ve got older, my skin has become drier, so now I pair it with Neutrogena Hydro Boost Sleeping Cream (£12.99,


I met my lovely fiance, David, six years ago through the dating website eharmony. It was love at first sight. My marriage had ended a few years before and I’d had some dating disasters — including an abusive relationship. I realised I deserved respect, and told myself to start expecting that from men. So every day I’d repeat the mantra: ‘I deserve better.’ That changed everything.


Three years ago, I started an Instagram account, sharing lifestyle advice on the menopause and encouraging women to celebrate their 50s. I now have 34,400 followers. I get such a buzz out of empowering other women.

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