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Gyms and yoga studios lobby Oxfordshire MPs to be essential businesses – Health News Today

AN OXFORD yoga teacher is lobbying the Government to be classed as an essential service so she can keep teaching in the second lockdown.

Caroline Falce Gozzi, owner of Yoga Venue on Avenue Lane in Cowley, said that she and her fellow practitioners can help bolster mental and physical health, which she said had both been hit by the first lockdown.

She is one of several yoga teachers and fitness studios in Oxford lobbying MPs to be classified as essential.

Ms Gozzi said it was crucial that people were able to exercise, especially during the Covid-19 crisis.

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She commented: “The impact that the last lockdown had on mental health in the county has been huge.

“Physical health has declined and all the evidence suggests we need to get fit and healthy to beat Covid-19.

“In addition, UK Active has undertaken research that shows the rate of transmission from Covid-19-secure gyms and fitness studios is insignificant.

“In the Tier system, even gyms and studios in the highest tier were allowed to remain open.”

Gyms, leisure centres and dance studios have been dismayed by the Government’s sudden decision to introduce a month-long lockdown set to end on Wednesday, December 2.

Ms Gozzi argued that the closure of gyms and studios was ‘unfair’ to members and ‘detrimental’ to their health.

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