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I first heard about the Fasting Mimicking Diet on the Rich Roll Podcast. I fast a couple of times a year for three or more days. I do it for a few reasons. There is evidence that fasting can thwart off any cancer forming in the body, can perpetuate cellular regeneration, and can be a healthy way to burn fat. I also like the psychological benefit of overcoming the challenge. When I heard that a scientist had done a bunch of research into developing a fast that tricks your body into all of the benefits of fasting but with food I was intrigued. It’s also plant based which is perfect for me given I’m vegan. This is my experience.

The FMD comes with all the food and supplements that is delivered in a very organized packaging. Each day’s menu is in its own box. There is extensive packaging throughout. Prolon was very brand conscience with its logo on every individual’s item down to the flag on the tea bag.

The program included a phone call consultation which was scheduled for fifteen minutes. The consultant asked the same qualifying questions that I filled out online when placing the order. These included my weight, age, activity level, etc. This program is not for the underweight, is not approved by the FDA and is not a medical treatment of any kind and Prolon wanted to record my acknowledgment of that fact. The consultant asked my goal for the program and I told her I was looking to lower my body fat percentage as well as treating the experience as an experiment. I mentioned I do the Wim Hof breathing, yoga and cold showers every morning and surprisingly she knew what it was and recommended I pause the cold showers for the duration of the fast. I mentioned I’ve been doing a calisthenics HIIT training every second day which she also recommended I hold off on. I also mentioned I drink two cups of coffee a day and she recommended I stick to one if I can. She asked if I had any questions and I didn’t. The entire conversation took about ten minutes. I still did the cold showers.

Day 1–161.8 lbs

I did a HIIT training for fourteen minutes. I wanted to give my body its best shot, and the HIIT training would burn fat for up to 48 hours.

  • I needed two coffees as I woke up with our toddler at 430 AM.
  • The breakfast was a nut-based breakfast bar called the L-Bar. The L-Bar was dense and sweet. It was almost too sweet for me which forced me to take small bites over time. The bar is sweetened with honey so although the diet is plant-based hardcore vegans may not agree with the honey thing.
  • I had one the teas that were included and was also caffeinated.
  • Lunch was a tomato soup which was delicious! It came with kale crackers that were thick and hearty. This blew me away. I felt as if I was eating at an Italian bistro (if Italian bistros served soup in the pot in which it was prepared). There was also a small package of olives that were a part of lunch, also delicious.
  • There was an afternoon snack that was another L-Bar. It was a lot of food for…

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