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Astro yoga is a combination of yoga and astrology that dates back thousands of years. Many yoga practices focus on balancing the bodys energy centers, which also have planetary, zodiac, and elemental (earth, fire, air, water, ether) associations.

Yoga offers the practices we need to access our deep sense of well-being, and astrology offers tools of how to navigate time and our life purpose,” says Emily Ridout, a yoga and astrology teacher. Together, they form a powerful practice that can catapult you on the path to becoming a more potent version of yourself. Aligning your yoga practice with the timing of the cosmos and nature returns you to a more aligned, natural state.”

Intrigued? Below, Ridout explains how astro yoga works, and how you can start practicing it ASAP.

How astro yoga works

The basic idea of astro yoga starts with each zodiac sign being associated with specific body parts. To harness and tap into the energy of a particular zodiac sign, you can practice yoga postures and flows that strengthen and energize the body part it rules. Here’s a brief overview of what rules what:

  • Aries rules the head
  • Taurus rules the neck
  • Gemini rules the arms, hands, and lungs
  • Cancer rules the breasts, chest, and stomach
  • Leo rules the heart and upper back
  • Virgo rules the digestive tract and lower belly
  • Libra rules the lower back
  • Scorpio rules the womb and reproductive organs
  • Sagittarius rules the hips and thighs
  • Capricorn rules the knees and skeletal system
  • Aquarius rules the ankles and circulatory system
  • Pisces rules the feet and lymphatic system

Once you have a general understanding of which sign rules which body part(s), there are a few ways you can merge the two practices together.

3 ways to practice astro yoga

1. Work with the transits

One way to get started with astro yoga is by adjusting your yoga practice to correlate with astrological transits, which Ridout says can help you navigate the natural shifts of what’s happening in real time in your life.

Start by figuring out where the sun is in the zodiac. For example, is it Pisces season, when the sun moves into the Pisces sign? Or Scorpio season, when the sun is entering Scorpio? (Each of these “seasons” lasts about a month, and a simple Google search will tell you what zodiac season we’re currently in.) Once you know, you can focus your yoga practice on postures and flows that energize and strengthen the body parts ruled by that sign.

During Sagittarius season, for example, you’d do a lot of hip openers and thigh stretches. Leo season is great for heart-openers and backbends. And during Pisces season, you’d benefit from grounding, feet-focused poses like the butterfly pose.

For a hip-opening yoga flow, watch the video below.

2. Flow with the yearly seasons

You can also work with the traditional seasons (spring, summer, fall, and winter). Each of these seasons rules certain body parts, so you can do…

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