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New dietary guidelines include infants for first time, suggests adults cut sugar – Health News Today

Twice a decade, the federal government offers new, science-based tips on what officials consider living a healthy life.

For the first time, the five year guideline includes infants.

Experts are now advising parents to introduce peanuts and eggs in the first year of life to help reduce the chance of allergies to these foods.

They also recommend avoiding added sugar during the first two years.

We spoke to a dietician who says it’s never too early to start your child on a healthy diet.

“We think, oh kids can eat whatever and I need to follow a more healthy eating plan. But what we consume in food and beverage when we are younger affects us throughout life. And if we haven’t been making good choices early on, we might say its too late why try,” said Trinity Health dietician, Kayla Cole.

The new report also has suggestions for men and women regarding alcohol consumption.

The previous report recommended adults to drink, quote, in moderation.

But now scientists are putting a number on how many cocktails you should have.

Cole added, “There are benefits to alcohol, like heart health and then there also risks for increase risk of cancer and those types of things. But the recommendation is two or less a day for a man and one or less for women a day.”

Cole says before making any changes to your diet or your children, you should always contact your health provider.

You can find the 2020-2025 guidelines by clicking, HERE.

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