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We tell you all the benefits of training with bars

The bar is a very simple but really effective element when it comes to getting in shape and maintaining an enviable muscle mass. When you know all the benefits of training with bars, you will not hesitate to incorporate them into your strength routine.

Squats, deadlifts, stride, bench press. The bar allows you to perform a multitude of exercises providing them with greater intensity. You have them of various types, from the traditional straight bar to the one with a “W” shape, and they all admit to working with or without added weight to adapt to the level and physical shape of each athlete.

To take advantage of all the benefits of training with bars, you must first master the technique of this common accessory in any gym or weight room. The bar is designed for you to work on strength and power so that you get obvious results in a short time. Once you learn to use it when you start in the gym and get the most out of it, you will not be able to do without it.

The beneficial effects of barbell training

It is a mistake to think that the bar is only suitable for the practice of bodybuilding and to achieve extreme development of the muscles. The benefits of barbell exercises go beyond the mere fact of having a “V” torso, so incorporating them into your training sessions is an option to consider. Among the positive aspects of barbell training we must highlight:

  • The work with the bar focuses on the muscles of the upper body: back, pectorals and arms, helping to achieve a strong and stable core , which not only contributes to maintaining a correct posture at all times , but also influences improvement of results in the development of any other sporting activity.
  • The back muscles are the great beneficiaries of a well-executed barbell routine (beware of injuries!). Traps, delts, and lats work hard on basic exercises like deadlifts. A back that has solid muscles is the best guarantee against injuries or pain, especially those that can occur in the lower back.
  • The increased strength and endurance is the great benefit of training with bars. Whether you use it alone, or if you add discs of a certain weight, the effects of the exercises translate, quickly, into more volume and power for your muscles. Do you want to develop your biceps and achieve magnificent rounded shoulders? Train with bars.
  • Excellent for burning fat. It is another of the great advantages of working with the bar. Unlike dumbbell training, which focuses on the development of specific muscles, the bar manages to mobilize large muscle groups by intensifying the strength work together. This makes the body demand a large amount of energy to perform the various movements necessary to lift or push the bar. The consequence is a significant burning not only of calories, but also of “extra fuel” in the form of stored fat. Fat burning continues even after exercise, because the muscles continue to consume a large amount of oxygen to recover from the effort (EPOC effect).
  • Although you may think that moving the bar is just a matter of strength, coaches and experts also point out, among the benefits of bar training , the improvement in coordination because the fact of working with it requires an optimal connection between the nervous system and muscles . Otherwise it would be impossible to perform the different exercises correctly.

Firm trunk, healthy back, more strength and power in your muscles, reduction of fat and any hint of flaccidity especially in your arms. As you can see, there are many benefits of training with bars.

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