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Is it harmful to compete every week?

Every day there are more people who start running, and that is, the runner’s fashion grows loudly every day. It is a sport that brings many benefits, as it produces endorphins, which makes us happier and also helps us lose weight quickly, something that many of us crave today. However, you do not just have to run, you have to do it with knowledge. Nor is it correct to compete every week at maximum intensity, as our body and mind need to rest.

Running is simple, you just need good shoes and start running wherever you like. It is a comfortable exercise that you can do alone or with friends, at any time of the day and anywhere. In addition, if you want to start running, you will not need to pay large amounts as in other sports, buying the equipment or signing up for classes. You just have to start running.

All these advantages add to the adrenaline rush and the joy that comes from competing and improving our brand. In addition, in a race you can compete against others or even with yourself, which is why many people try to exceed their mark on a weekly basis. This is where we must be careful, and follow certain tips to get all the benefits of exercise without harming ourselves.

The dangers of competing all week

If you are still wondering if it is advisable or not to compete every week, the answer is no, clearly it is a mistake that you try to overcome yourself in such a short period of time. It does not matter if you think they find you well or energetic, we must be responsible when it comes to practicing sports , because if not, we can backfire.

For starters, if you compete every week, your performance will get worse and worse. You may not notice it, but fatigue will take over your body and little by little you will go down to the mark. In addition, you will get frustrated when you see this happen and you will try to remedy it with more training, without realizing that all your body needs is rest.

On the other hand, excessive exercise can lead to more serious physical problems, such as giving our muscles too much effort until we suffer an injury or we fall into a problem of overtraining, in which we have to be off for longer. Than we would have thought.

Therefore, competing every week can make us more tired and our performance decrease, in addition to suffering an injury. But in addition, we can experience other consequences caused by the mistake of competing every week, such as lack of appetite or insomnia after exercise. In turn, we can find ourselves in a state of apathy and depression that leads us to be irritable all the time.

How to rest correctly after a competition

You may be reading this article and your problem is that you cannot find a way to rest after exercising. It is a common problem that happens to us when we are very tired, so that our body is so active and so tired at the same time that it does not allow us to rest well. Therefore, we advise you to take note of some guidelines that can help you get that long-awaited rest.

One of the main things that you should keep in mind when resting to continue training or for an upcoming competition is that, if you do not rest psychologically, it will be very difficult for your body to get rest to get the most out of it . For this, it is important that you try to clear your mind. A good way is to practice meditation, but if you think it is too much for you, you can try taking a walk in nature or spending time with friends.

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