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7 natural basics that you can carry in your backpack for the gym

When preparing your bag for the training session in the gym, it will be useful to include a light snack, extra water to be well hydrated and some personal hygiene product. Bet on the natural and look at these perfect basics to carry in your gym backpack that we propose.

Prepare in advance the team to train and your bag sport is an excellent measure to avoid laziness can “hover” at any given time. When you do, remember that you have natural basics that you can include in your gym bag and that will contribute to making the exercise more effective and also more enjoyable. Take note:

Natural basics that take care of you and help you train

You have a multitude of sports-allied products, from isotonic drinks and energy bars , to effective deodorants that you can count on, but you also have natural alternatives to take to the gym that have nothing to envy. Take advantage of effective and healthy options at your fingertips and dare to include some of these natural basics in your backpack.

Maximum hydration

  1. Water. The basic of all the basics that you will surely not forget in your backpack for the gym, but if you bet on the natural, get used to using reusable bottles. The stainless steel ones are very practical and will keep the water very fresh so that you have it available in each break of the training.
  2. Coconut water. It is a gift of nature (not to be confused with coconut milk) because with it you can easily replace the electrolytes that your body eliminates with sweat. Coconut water provides optimal hydration and replenishes the amounts of sodium and potassium removed during exercise. Without a doubt, a natural basic that should not be missing in your backpack.
  3. Green tea. Do you want to get quick energy to train and also burn all possible fats? Green tea is a natural basic for the gym that you can take cool and drink before and / or after training. Its thermo genic properties will help the mobilization of accumulated fats and, in addition, its antioxidant content will slow down the action of free radicals generated by sports activity.

Healthy snacks

  1. Chocolate. A few ounces of dark chocolate, with a composition of at least 70% cocoa, will give you the extra energy you need to train hard and increase your power and endurance in any exercise. It is also rich in antioxidants (flavonoids) and a sweet way to take care of yourself before training. Always in moderation, including this food among your basics to take to the gym is a good idea.
  2. Fruit. Vitamins, minerals, sugars (fructose) to give you energy. A piece of fruit, or an energetic shake that combines several, is a natural basic that you should include in your gym bag. Each fruit you eat before or after training has specific contents that make them ideal for exercising or recovering from an intense training session, but as suggestions, the banana , due to its high potassium content, the apple , rich in pectin, and the red fruits , a natural source of antioxidants, are three proposals to consider.

The most natural hygiene

  1. Deodorant. It is not lacking in the toiletry bag when you start the gym, but compared to traditional deodorants, many with excess chemicals, you can opt for something as effective as it is natural. Natural deodorants, made from essential oils of tea tree or lavender, are excellent for their antibacterial properties and those that include white clay in their composition are perfect for following proper hygiene when doing sports and keeping excess sweating low control.
  2. Floral waters. These light and refreshing waters, which are obtained from the distillation of certain flowers and plants (very common rose water) are a natural basic to include in your gym bag because applying them, with a vaporizer or a washcloth, on your face, neck, arms. It will provide you with a pleasant sensation, perfect to finish any workout.

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