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What to take into account when buying swimming goggles?

The swimming is a sport that is based on the fact that a person moves through the water without touching the ground, using different techniques and styles. It is considered one of the most complete sports that exist, and is indicated for people of all ages, as it does not produce any strong impact on the joints.

Like any other sports practice, to be able to do it correctly it is necessary to have the right equipment, which makes the user feel comfortable during exercise hours. Depending on the level of professionalism of the material, it should have a series of characteristics.

The goggles are key to the gear for a good swimmer. It is one of the most important tools, since they are used to protect the eyes from the chemicals with which pool water is treated, and to allow the athlete to see clearly when they are underneath.

Tips for acquiring quality swimming goggles

Although there is a wide variety of swimming goggles on the market, they do not all give the same results, nor do they have the same durability. For this reason, if what you want is to buy quality glasses and prepare for your first swimming lesson , the best option is to follow the advice indicated below. Among the main elements that must be paid special attention before choosing swimming goggles are the following: the lenses (crystals), the straps and the nose bridge.

What lenses to choose?

Before opting for one lens model or another, it is necessary to determine whether they are going to be used indoors (indoor pools), outdoors (outdoor pools or sea), for the day or night:

  • Transparent lenses: experts consider them to be the most versatile, as they serve both for indoor and outdoor swimming, being able to make the most of the light in the location.
  • Tinted lenses: if the swimming to be performed is going to be in a pool, tinted lenses help to have a better vision under the water of pools than transparent ones.
  • Polarized lenses: the best option if you are going to swim outdoors, as they protect your eyes from the reflections that light produces in the water, and from the sun that is being projected at that moment.

Characteristics of the nasal bridge

Nasal bridges can be classified as follows:

  • Fixed bridge: it is the most common in almost all models of swimming goggles. Sometimes most users find a model that adapts to their nasal bridge, this will make the glasses comfortable to be used frequently.
  • Adjustable bridge: there are some models in which the bridge is adjustable, it is best to modify it once and fix it so that it always maintains the same position.
  • Interchangeable Bridge: High-end glasses bring this type of bridge, and it is the best option for people who have a wide nose bridge.

Choosing a strap model

There are two formats:

  • Fixed rubbers: known as “Swedish goggles”, they are very popular with swimming professionals. The strap of these should be cut and knotted to fit the head. It may seem strange, but in competitions they are the most used.
  • Adjustable rubber bands: most glasses on the market have this system, regardless of their price. The adjustment method is simple and usually remains fixed for a long time, but if what you want is permanence, it is best to opt for the previous model.

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